Unforgettable Stories For You To Enjoy


Never Be Alone

Your partner might not be around, but that doesn't mean your mind has to be. Dive into a romantic tale and let it take over.

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It's Not Too Late

It's not too late to reconnect with an old friend. Find romantic inspiration through these beautiful stories and connect with lost partners.

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Get Much Closer

So many stories, so little time. Share a fantasy with the ones you care about. Let it inspire you to create your own fantasy to live out.

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A Perfect Date

Dinner and movies are not what make a perfect date. It's that special someone that makes a date just right. Read these stories with that person.

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Curiously look around through the many different categories of Sunset Embrace, each category filled with stories of romance that will leave you wanting more!

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No matter what kind of romantic tales you enjoy, you will find something for you inside. Login today to get a quick peek at what is in store for you. Hundreds of beautiful tales featuring couples just like you. Remember when you first fell in love? Feel like that all over again

Unforgettable Tales For You To Enjoy

There is nothing more romantic than quiet time alone with your partner. Now with our stories, you can enjoy time together. Read to one another and just be. Login below and find the perfect story for you and yours. There are so many to choose from, you will not be able to pick just one.

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